Friday, 2 December 2016

Black Gold hair extension Reflection

Today I have created a DLO with some facts about an article that I just read.This article is a real thing that is happening at the moment .The reason why I created this was because I wanted to let other people know what things are happening in different countries.

We are learning about events that happen around the world.

To me I think that this is sad because people in China are going around looking for people with long hair so that they can cut it.I also find it sad because some of the people don't want their hair cut.The reason why they are cutting other people's hair is because they want to make hair extensions and sell them.Each hair extension that are getting sold are in different colours for example some are blond some are gold and some a black.

To me I think the author wrote this to let others know what is happening around the world.I also think that the author is trying to tell others facts about the events that they have in other countries like China.China has this interesting event call Black gold hair extension.Black gold hair extention is when certain people go around cutting hair , finding hair and making it into hair extentions.

I think that there is a high demand for hair because people are making hair extensions by using other people's hair that they either found or cut off.I also think there is a high demand for hair because it usually takes ages for your own hair to grow long.I also think that there is a high demand for hair because the hard work that people put into it to make it.

If this article wasn't on demand then our society would change by people knowing less about events that happens around the world .I also think our society would change by people not understanding what has just happened around the world.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Hi I have just created this presentation on thanksgiving.In this presentation is information to do with Thanksgiving.I enjoyed doing this task because I had learnt new facts about Thanksgiving.This celebration is about how familiy get together and eat turkey.

WALT research about a celebration that happens in November

SSR on Technology

Today I have read an article about a cable that got lost.This cable that got lost during the earthquake was for people to contact people that live down the line in the south island.I enjoyed doing this task because I had learnt new things that's happening around the world.Please give me feedback or/and feedforward thank yous.
WALA different things that are happening around the world.

Is sport Sexist ?

Today for Reading room 9 did an task on Sexist.I found information and facts about sports that are sexist.
I enjoyed doing this task because I learned about the sports that people play and how it can affect their lives.
Please give me feedback or/and Feedforward.Thank you

WALA Sexist Sport

Friday, 11 November 2016

My weekend

I have created this to show all the people around the world what I did for the weekend I played cool games and did much more things like talking.
WALT write a reflection on My Weekend

My birthday

Today I have written a reflection on my birthday.I had put some facts about what I had done for my birthday.
WALT write a reflection.

History of halloween

This is a presentation on the history of halloween.I have put some facts and images about halloween.
WALT write facts and information about halloween.

Speech presentation

Today I have created this presentation.This is a back up for my speech.Please have a read and give me feedback and feedforward.

Friday, 4 November 2016

My speech

Today I have just finished off my speech.My speech is all about the importance of reading.Please read my speech and give me feed back or/and feedforward.Thanks for reading.

MY Speech

Kia ora my name is Kahlicia and today I am here to talk to you about the importance of reading.
Reading is an enjoyable task to do, and when you read, it can take you to a whole new world, You can imagine things that you haven’t seen before like imagining that there's a magical world around you. When you read your mind plays tricks and makes your imagination run wild. Reading has helped inspirational people all around the world, and those people have become intelligent readers because they stayed in school and learned. But even some famous and inspirational people didn’t stay in school but they have become whatever they want because of everything they had learnt in school.

The 3 key ideas that I will be talking about are Why we read,Why reading is important and How reading can help us learn.

Reading is such a fun activity to do but why do we read?why do I read?. I read because it will help to get an education for when I get older, also because reading can help me with a lot of things like my writing and get me to where I want to be in the future. Reading can help me be a successful person that I want to be.Other people read to find information about a certain subject.They also read for enjoyment and so that they can take knowledge.

The next key idea that I will be talking about is why reading is important.Why is reading important?Reading is important because it helps young people like myself learn more about a specific thing that we are wanting to know more about. Reading is also important because it will help us become inspirational people and may help us become a good reader.

The last key idea that I will talk about is How reading can help us learn.Reading can help us in many ways it could help us by understanding the text and learning interesting new words that we haven’t learnt about yet.Reading can also help us by giving us knowledge on something that we have read .If reading wasn't invented then people would know less about a particular subject .  

Reading is what people like to do in their own time because they think that it is fun and entertaining for them.Some people do reading to help them achieve their goals so that they can become what they want to be in the future.Not all people like reading because others like doing other subjects like Writing, Art and Maths.Thanks for listening.

Music Reflection

Yesterday on the 3rd of November 2016 room 9 went to music with caleb.We go there every thursdays to learn how to play different instruments and learn all about music.

WALT write a reflection on music

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Speech Experience Reflection

Today I have made a reflection on my speech.In this reflection it tells you all of the information of what I struggled on and what I enjoyed it also has questions too.I like writing speeches because it helps me build my confidance infront of others and helps me achieve my goals.

WALT write a reflection on your experience on writing speeches.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Band Reflection

Today I have created this to show others what we do in our school band.I got the opportunity to be in band because I like to play instruments like drums and Keyboard.

WALT write a reflection on band.

Writing reflection

Today I have written a reflection on writing that we did today before morning tea.the reason why we did writing was to test on how we write a story.

Celebrations-Events Bingo Reflection

 Today I have created this presentation to show the world different celebration all around the world.Many people help celebrate things like birthdays, thanksgiving because it makes others feel like their supported.

Maths task 2

Today I have just finished off my maths task.I finished this off because it was kinda easy to do .The hardest thing about this was figuring out the Metres.

WALT reflect on our maths.


For the last couple of weeks I have been working on Decimals.Decimals is one of the easy maths to do.I enjoy doing this because it helps me with other maths like fraction,Divisions and my time tables.

WALT write and reflect on our maths task

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Muffin Reflection

Today we have made more muffins to sell to our school to fundraise for some of the students camp next month.I enjoy cooking because it it a cool experience for me to do.Im looking forward to next week because we get to do more cooking.

WALT write a reflection on cooking Muffins

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today for kiwi can room 9 was learning all about Responsibility.Responsibility is important because  its all about showing respect to your self and others.

Persuasive writing Oreo Plan

WALT think critically about texts with increasing understanding and confidents

Success criteria
I can understand can understand what texts means by trying to retell the text in my own words.

Today for reading I have created this OREO chart to show others around the world 3 things that I have learned about myself over this school year.Please have a read of this and please give me feedback or/and feedforward thanks.

Friday, 21 October 2016

MeMe and Me - Reading

Today for reading the Centaur group had to read a story and write a profile about the 2 characters that are in the story.My 2 characters that I wrote a profile about are MeMe and Nina.MeMe is the bad person and Nina is the good person.

WALT write a profile about the 2 characters.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cooking Muffins

Today I have created this drawing on cooking muffins.Cooking Muffins is a hard job because it is hard really to measure how much mixture you need to put in the cooking tray.

Monday, 17 October 2016

SSR - Australian beat Silver Ferns

Today for SSR I read an article about Australian beat Silver ferns.I think that this is shocking news because they have lost the game against the australian team.The points are stunning especially the Australian team.

KiwiSport Reflection

Today for kiwi sport we did basketball.One of the skills that I already know is how to dribble the ball properly.I like basketball because it is an active sport and it is a challenging sport.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Utah Reflection

WALT write facts about a county that we have read before.

Today I have just finished off the google drawing on a county called Utah.These are my facts that I found out thats all about Utah.Please give me feedback or/and feed forward thanks.

Mali Reflection

WALT write a reflection on a country that we have read.

Today I have created this google drawing that show information and facts about Mali.Please read my Mali reflection and give me feedback or/and feedforward.Thank you.

Jamaica Reflection

WLAT write a reflection on a country that we have read.

This term I have beed reading different facts about different countries Today I have created this to show people all around the world facts about Jamaica.I have also add the flag to show others what their flag looks like.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Chinese lanterns

WALT write about what we did for art

Today was a day when we had to celebrate the chinese culture.

Inquiry investgation

 WALT investigate on how we could be safe online.

 For the last couple of  weeks room 9 is learning on how to be safe online.These are some tips that can help you be safe online.

Technology Reflection Graphics

WALT write a reflection on technology every Thursday.

Technology is when others try new experiences.Some of the experiences that we learn is Cooking ,Hard materials and Graphics.In cooking you get to cook food like biscuits and cake.In Hard meterials you can make different kinds of jewlery useing this stuff called pewter casting.In graphics you can make jewlery neckalaces useing this plastics stuff.You first start on a app called tinkercad.You can use shapes, number or symbols.When you have done you send it to the machine so that it can print off you design.When its finished printing off you can spray paint it gold silver or you just leave the colour to that it was when it came out of the machine.

My narrative story .

Imagine you winning and award for you favourite hobby.

                           WALT write are narrative using Grammar ,Spelling and Punctuation.

One morning I woke up and I was excited and scared.I walked towards the windows to open the curtains.As I began to pull the curtains aside, all I saw was children playing basketball.I hear voices saying “ You have got a basketball game hurry up”.The voices kept on going and going and it wouldn't stop.Suddenly I had just remembered that I had a basketball game at 9:00 am.I looked at the time and it was 20 to 9:00.I quickly put my uniform on and made my way to the stadium.I had 15 minutes to get there before the game had started.I tried my best to get there on time.When I had turned up at the stadium I had checked the time again.The time was 8:55 am.

Paragraph One

I walked in the stadium more scared than I was in the first place.I looked around me and there was over 100 people waiting for the game to start.I looked in front of me and my team was practising before the game started.I looked down the other end of the court and there was another team practising.I walked over to my team and sat down on the seat.I put my head down thinking about what would happen if my team lost the first game the we've ever played. The game was against the Tigers which was my team and the Red Backs which was the team we were playing against.I looked at my team coach and she said “ Hurry up and get over here now”.I nodded my head and I said “No”.Then  the coach said get here or you’re out of the team , so I stood up and I walked to the court with my team.

Paragraph Two

When I got onto the court we had to practise shooting from the 3 pointer line.Half of my team players got it in from 3 pointer and the other half couldn’t.My coach passed the ball to me and told me to stand at the 3 pointer line,I felt shy because I was scared that I was going to miss.I stood up telling myself “I can do this”.My coach told my team to be quiet so I can shoot . I got into position ready to shoot the ball.I throw the ball and it hits the square and it bounces on the rim and falls into the hoop. Suddenly my teams yells out “Yay we knew you could do it”. Suddenly the game started and one of my players sent me into the middle to check the ball with the other team.I checked the ball.When we had checked the we had got given the ball first.

Paragraph Three

I passed the ball to my nearest team mate because the other team was trying to defend the ball.My team player that had the ball and dribbled it until she got to the hoop she took a shot but it missed the hoop.When the ball missed the hoop the other team grabbed the ball and dribbled down to there hoop.They took a shot and the got it in.The score was 0:1.My team was down because they couldnt defend the ball.Suddenly I said to my self that im not going to be scared and im going to do this for my team “.I got given the ball again and I dribbled and I lost controll of the ball.I was happy but upset because I had failed controlling the ball.Suddenly I heard one of my team mates saying” Its alright everyone loses controll”.


I smiled and said that “I'll never give up i'll keep on going”.When I lost control the other team hit the ball out to the out line.I grabbed the ball and throw it into my team player and I ran in to get the ball of her.She passed the ball to me and I dribbled it to the hoop.We only had 10 seconds before the game had ended. I took a shoot from 3 pointer and I got the ball in just before the time ran out.Suddenly the bell rang just after I shot the ball into the hoop .My team just went crazy like a zoo they were yelling out things like “ We did it we won the game”.I looked around me and all of the audience were so proud that we won the game.I looked up at the scoreboard and the score was 3:1.When we had finished the game my coach had announced the player of the game.Happily I was announced the player of the game. Me Kahlicia Mehana was able to get an amazing awarded.I had got given a gold trophy that said “The number 1 player of the game”.I was so proud of myself because I had played for my team.My team and I sat in a group and took a photo of ourselves and our trophy.When I got home I put it some where were people can see it.

China fact

Today I have created this google drawing on facts about China.These facts are all about the different things that are happening in China.

WALT write facts about China.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

swimming reflection

WALt write are Reflection on swimming

Swimming Reflection

WALT write a reflection on swimming

Last week for swimming we had learnt different kinds of ways of swimming that you can learn.I am enjoying my swimming lesson because I will know how to swim if I was to fall into water or something.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Swimming Reflection

WALT write a reflection on swimming

Today I have been at my second swimming lesson.The things that we had learnt was free style and backstroke. Tomorrow I would like to learn the frog swim and the dolphin dive.

Swimming Reflection

WALt write a reflection on what we did at swimming

For 10 days our school tamaki primary  will be having swimming lessons at Panmure lagoon.We learn free style backstroke and others.The main thing that I like is free style because it helps me with  my speed and it also helps me learn how to swim in other ways like backstroke.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Persuasive writing

Why shouldn't we drink fizzy drinks ?

My First Reason

I don't think that we should drink fizzy drinks because it is not healthy for our bodies.The things that it can do to your body is that it can ruin your teeth and can  give you heart damage.

My Second Reason

I don't think that we should drink fizzy drinks because it contain too much sugar.When you drink too much fizzy you can get diabetes from all of the sugar that's in the drink.Fizzy drinks ain't good for children that are still growing up because they can get sick from drinking the fizzy.

My Third Reason

I don't think that we should drink fizzy drinks because it's a waste of money.Some drinks can be expensive .The reason why it's a waste of money is because it's not healthy for us to drink.

My Opinion

I don't think that children should drink fizzy drinks because we could get sick from all of the sugar that's in the drink.Fizzy drinks a bad for children especially if they're still growing up.If children drink too much they can get diabetes and heart damage.

WALT : give our opinion on why we should/shouldn't drink fizzy drinks

Today I have finished off this Doc.This doc is all about why children should /shouldn't drink fizzy 
drinks.We had to at least come up with 3 reasons why we should/shouldn't drink fizzy drinks.Then we had to at least come up with at least 2 examples for each one.Here is my one please enjoy  :)


Today each group got a maths task.We each had to answer the question and we had to show how we solved it.This is my maths this is what I had to solve.One the left side is the question and on the right side is how I solved the answer.Hope you like it :).

Persuasive writing OREO

Today I have finished off this OREO chart.This OREO chart is all about why children should /shouldn't drink fizzy drinks.We had to at least come up with 3 reasons why we should/shouldn't drink fizzy drinks.Then we had to at least come up with at least 2 examples for each one.Here is my one please enjoy  :)

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Evaluating the Author’s Purpose

WALT: evaluate the author's purpose.
Today I have created this drawing explaining the purpose of being different and explaining what the author was trying to make us understand and inform us about.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Being famous

Today room 9 did and activity on Being Famous.We are learning the different meanings of being famous.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Reflection about Kiwi Sports

WALT : Have Control when hitting the shuttle to our partner.

Today for kiwi sport we did Badminton.We learnt different kinds of skills around Badminton.We also learnt the different ways of using the Badminton equipment.One of the things that I have learned from Badminton is that when you are batting the Shuttle with the racket always controll it the way you want to hit it.

Friday, 29 July 2016

SSR ( Peru )

WALT ; research about a specific Country

Today for SSR room 9 is reading about Peru.The reason why we are reading Peru is because we want to share some facts about it.


Calling Code 51
Official language is Spanish
Population over 30 million
Capital is Lima
Country in south America
8th largest producer for coffee
6th biggest producer for gold
Corn is the staple in the diet of Peruvians
City named Cusco
2 deepest canyons in the word

What Have I learned

One of the things that I have Learned about peru is that it's one of the best places to go to for hiking and also to ride mountain bikes up the mountains.

Thursday, 28 July 2016


My personal goals for term 3 2016

Today I have created my own personal goals that I need to achieve by the end of the year. I really hope that I can achieve these goals because I want to get to the next level.


Today room 9 are creating maths goals that they need to achieve by the end of this term.Here is my maths goals that I need to achieve.I'm looking forward to achieving these goals because I want to try and get to the next level in maths.

My Writing goals for term 3 2016

Today room 9 are creating goals for term 3 2016. These goals are what I need to achieve by the end of this term. I hope that I achieve these writing goals by the end of this term because I want to get to the next level in writing .

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My reading goals for term 3 2016

Today in room 9 we are creating our own goals on what we need to work on for the term.Here is one of my reading goals that I have done.I am looking forward to achieve these goals because I want to get to the next stage in reading also because I want be proud of myself.
Please give me feedback or/and Feedforward. Thanks

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bath bomb lable

WALT make our own bath bomb label.
Hi today we had syndicate arts.For syndicate arts I did bath bombs.I have made a ball bath bomb but it came out like a half a moon.My one was a blue one.I am finished it and all I need to do is the label so that we can sell it at out TPS market , when people buy them they know who made it.They also know what we used to make them.Here is my bath bomb lable
Please give me feedback or/and feedforward.THANKS

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Technology reflection

WALT write reflections about technology for 2016
Today we went to technology and I have recently finished off my casting.My goal is to help others so that they can take theres home.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Technology Reflection

WALT write a reflection on technology.
Today I went to technology and I am half way of finishing of my pewter casting.All I need to do is to photograph it so it can come home.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Reading for pleasure Writing for leisure

WALT find out what make are good reader and writer.
Today I created this DLO ( Digital Learning Object) to show other what makes a good reader and writer.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Technology Reflection

WALT write a reflection on technology
Today at technology year 7 and 8 went to technology.Today the year 8 were finishing off their pewter casting so that they can take it home.1 person finished theirs and has already taken theirs home.I am close to finishing off mine all I need to do is the polishing bit.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Friday, 8 April 2016

Questions on how can we show our school values around our neighborhood.

WALT create and chart for others to read our questions

Our plan for our group investigation

Today we created a plan chart to help us with our inquiry.
WALT create a DLO showing our plan.

My Poem

This week my group had to write a poem about there favourite game.
WALT use inferring skills and visualising skills to write our own poem.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Technology reflection

Today we did technology at tamaki college.Each Thursday year 7  & 8s from TPS go to tamaki college to learn new experiences.
WALT write a reflection on technology.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Maths with Fractions

Today room 10 did maths.For maths we had to do fractions.
WALT solve problems using a diagram.