Wednesday, 17 April 2013


“Today I have been teaching my Room 10 buddy Perenara ,these netbook skills - how to open a doc, how to find a picture from google, how to type a sentence and change size, colour and fonts, and how to post to a blog.”


1. What does ANZAC stand for?Australia New Zealand Army Corp

2. Why do we remember ANZAC day? we  have a 2 minute silence to remember the soldiers that got killed.

3. When is ANZAC Day?April the 25th

4. What do people do on ANZAC day? They have a 2 minute silence.

5. What is a poppy?A poppy is a little red flower that we wear that represents the soldiers that died

Friday, 8 March 2013

My Aiga Poem

Aiga Poem

WALT write and present an Aiga poem about our ancestors and culture, and how we feel about them

I am a Maori
I am proud of my culture
In my heart there will be love
I am a warrior that is brave
My grandparents help me to speak Maori
My grandparents make me feel special because they give me love
They make me feel happy and special
I am a Maori

by Kahlicia