Thursday, 3 December 2015

The planet Mars - Kahlicia

Today room 6 students were researching about different planets.We were discovering the different  areas of the planets.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Duffy visitors

WALT:describe what we learnt at the Duffy Assembly.

Today we had visitors from Tamaki college.

They gave us information about reading.

Thanks for visiting our school.

Thank you for reading.

I hoped you enjoy.

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Percy Jackson the lightning thief

Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief

Movie Questions

  1. What is the relationship between Zeus and Poseidon? Zeus and Poseidon  are brothers.
  2. What learning difficulties has Percy been diagnosed with? Percy has ADHD and Dyslexia
  3. Who is Zeus’s father? Zeus’s father is Cronus
  4. What type of mythical creature does the substitute teacher change into before attacking Percy? The Substitute teacher changes into a fury
  5. Why can’t Percy’s mum get into the camp? Percy’s mum can’t get into the camp because she isn’t a demigod or a ½ blood like Percy is.
  6. How are Percy’s learning difficulties related to him being a demi-god? Whenever Percy tries to read something it will change around and change to greek language and when Percy doesn’t or does something they should or shouldn’t do his father will talk to him and tell him what he will have to do
  7. What is the name of Anabeth's mum?  Anabeths mums name is Athena
  8. How did Percy’s mum protect him by being married to Gabe? Percy’s mum protected Percy by marrying Gabe is because of his smelly odor that make the gods want to stay away from him and his family.
  9. How does Percy look at Medusa without turning to stone? Percy doesn’t turn into stone when he looks at her because he uses his ipod to see the reflection of her so she can defeat her.
  10. How do the three heroes defeat the Hydra? The three heroes defeated the Hydra when Percy used his powers to stop the hydra from burning them and so they could  run away and then Grover used Medusa’s hair to turn the hydra to stone.
  11. How does going into the Lotus Casino affect Percy’s Quest? When Percy and the other went into the Lotus Casino and these ladies gave them a flower, when they ate it they forgot what they were doing so they decided to stay there, when they finally woke up they had been their for 5 days.
  12. Who stole Zeus’s lightning bolt?Luke stole the lightning bolt.Luke was the one who hide the lightning bolt in the shield that he had gave to Percy.
  13. Where is the entrance to Olympus? The Entrance to Olympus is at the top of the Empire State Building in New York
  14. Who does Percy Jackson fight at the end? Percy ends up fighting Luke
  15. How did Percy defeat his enemy? Percy defeats Luke by using his power of water to give him the lighting bolt and then he used his powers to shoot him into the water.
  16. What motivated Luke steal the lightning bolt? Luke stole the lightning bolt so that all the gods can fight and kill each other and so that him and all of the other demigods and rule the world in their way.

WALT: apply critical thinking skills to complete a movie study. Today Me and Kahlicia had watched a movie with the class it was called Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. It was a great movie while we were watching the movie we had to answer some questions that linked to the movie

Descriptive sentences

Friday, 29 May 2015

My Hercules Movie Questions

Hercules Movie Questions

  1. Who are the singing ladies in the beginning? The Muses
  2. Who gave Hades his job? Zeus gave the job to him because of the king
  3. Who should Hades release when the planets align? The Titans
  4. How do you kill a god?You cant you have to make sure the god is mortal to kill them
  5. Phil is a . . . ?Half goat and Half me
  6. How is Phil convinced to train Hercules? Zeus lightning
  7. What does Hercules use as a “weapon” before he realizes it is wrong?The fish
  8. The guy asks if Phil is the goatman who trained who?phil trained a lot of worthy gods like apollo
  9. How does Hercules get out of the Hydra? He sliced the hydras neck
  10. How does Hercules finally kill the Hydra?He chop the head off
  11. How did Meg come to work for Hades? She sold her souls to pay her boyfriend
  12. Hercules cannot become a god because he is not a ?Worthy hero to encourage to become one
  13. What is Hercules’s weakness?Meg
  14. How does Pain and Panic get Pegasus away? By destroying a mate as a pegasus
  15. What does Hercules have to do to free Meg from Hades?He was to get meg from the underworld
  16. How many Titans does Hades release? 4
  17. How does Hercules get rid of the Titans?Tornadoes,earthquakes,volcano and ice
  18. Why couldn’t the fates cut Hercules’s “string”?Because he was immortal

Friday, 22 May 2015


Description of Tangaroatangaroa

Tangaroa is the god of our sea,He is a son of Ranginui the father of the sky and papatuanuku the mother of earth.

Created by Kahlicia

Friday, 24 April 2015

Kahlicia - ANZAC punctuation & spelling proofreading

In August 1914 after a time of great tension in Europe, Great Britain declared war on Germany. New Zealanders and Australians felt a strong loyalty to Britain and young men rushed to join the long queues at army barracks to join up.Many believed they should help protect England. It was also seen as a big adventure and a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel and see the world.      8417 New Zealanders sailed for war on 10 transport ships in October 1914 with 20000 Australians. The New Zealanders and Australians were sent to Egypt to finish their training. They came to be known as the Australian and New Zealand army corps or ANZACS. In 1914 Turkey was called the Ottoman Empire and was on the side of Germany. In the First World War the British generals decided they could defeat Turkey if they could capture the capital Constantinople. This city is now called Istanbul.After the Turkey sank several British and French ships in the Dardanelles it was decided that the only way to capture Constantinople would be to land soldiers near a place called Gallipoli. The closest soldiers were the ANZAC in Egypt.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Trip to Blenhiem

My trip to Blenheim

      This is about my trip to blenheim and what I did in Blenheim & Nelson.

What was the first thing I did in Blenheim?
When we arrived to blenhiem the first thing we did was visiting my causin.We stayed at my causin for 30 minutes,after that my family and I went to my auntys house just around the corner.When we arrived at my auntys she just finished work.My other aunty was at work still teaching.
What I did at my aunty house?
When I walked into my auntys door my aunty stopped me and said do you want to swim in the pool and I looked at her and said yes.When I jumped in she gave me rules.the rules were that weren't allowed to sit on the edge or do bombing.It was 16 digreas when I got in.
How many days have I stayed in Benheim?
I stayed in blenheim for 2 weeks with my family.We stayed at my aunts while we were there.We went to nelson to get my mums stuff sorted.We also spent 1 week at my uncles house.
These are some of the thing I did in Blenheim.
I helped my aunty sell food at the farmers market.I got to go and  meet my aunt's dad and her sibling at the dad factory.I also helped her at the school that she works at.I go to meet her mum and the animals that were at the back of the house.
Things I did in Nelson.
I went to the beach
I went shopping with my uncle
I went to the park
I went swimming and went to rabbit island
How were you feeling when you left Blenheim?
When we left blenheim I felt sad because I missed my aunty.she is the best of all.I missed her fun and her laugh.I also missed her art and the work that she offered me.I wrote a letter saying that i'll miss her and the things she done for me.

Created by Kahlicia Mehana