Friday, 29 May 2015

My Hercules Movie Questions

Hercules Movie Questions

  1. Who are the singing ladies in the beginning? The Muses
  2. Who gave Hades his job? Zeus gave the job to him because of the king
  3. Who should Hades release when the planets align? The Titans
  4. How do you kill a god?You cant you have to make sure the god is mortal to kill them
  5. Phil is a . . . ?Half goat and Half me
  6. How is Phil convinced to train Hercules? Zeus lightning
  7. What does Hercules use as a “weapon” before he realizes it is wrong?The fish
  8. The guy asks if Phil is the goatman who trained who?phil trained a lot of worthy gods like apollo
  9. How does Hercules get out of the Hydra? He sliced the hydras neck
  10. How does Hercules finally kill the Hydra?He chop the head off
  11. How did Meg come to work for Hades? She sold her souls to pay her boyfriend
  12. Hercules cannot become a god because he is not a ?Worthy hero to encourage to become one
  13. What is Hercules’s weakness?Meg
  14. How does Pain and Panic get Pegasus away? By destroying a mate as a pegasus
  15. What does Hercules have to do to free Meg from Hades?He was to get meg from the underworld
  16. How many Titans does Hades release? 4
  17. How does Hercules get rid of the Titans?Tornadoes,earthquakes,volcano and ice
  18. Why couldn’t the fates cut Hercules’s “string”?Because he was immortal

Friday, 22 May 2015


Description of Tangaroatangaroa

Tangaroa is the god of our sea,He is a son of Ranginui the father of the sky and papatuanuku the mother of earth.

Created by Kahlicia