Friday, 2 December 2016

Black Gold hair extension Reflection

Today I have created a DLO with some facts about an article that I just read.This article is a real thing that is happening at the moment .The reason why I created this was because I wanted to let other people know what things are happening in different countries.

We are learning about events that happen around the world.

To me I think that this is sad because people in China are going around looking for people with long hair so that they can cut it.I also find it sad because some of the people don't want their hair cut.The reason why they are cutting other people's hair is because they want to make hair extensions and sell them.Each hair extension that are getting sold are in different colours for example some are blond some are gold and some a black.

To me I think the author wrote this to let others know what is happening around the world.I also think that the author is trying to tell others facts about the events that they have in other countries like China.China has this interesting event call Black gold hair extension.Black gold hair extention is when certain people go around cutting hair , finding hair and making it into hair extentions.

I think that there is a high demand for hair because people are making hair extensions by using other people's hair that they either found or cut off.I also think there is a high demand for hair because it usually takes ages for your own hair to grow long.I also think that there is a high demand for hair because the hard work that people put into it to make it.

If this article wasn't on demand then our society would change by people knowing less about events that happens around the world .I also think our society would change by people not understanding what has just happened around the world.


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