Friday, 4 November 2016

My speech

Today I have just finished off my speech.My speech is all about the importance of reading.Please read my speech and give me feed back or/and feedforward.Thanks for reading.

MY Speech

Kia ora my name is Kahlicia and today I am here to talk to you about the importance of reading.
Reading is an enjoyable task to do, and when you read, it can take you to a whole new world, You can imagine things that you haven’t seen before like imagining that there's a magical world around you. When you read your mind plays tricks and makes your imagination run wild. Reading has helped inspirational people all around the world, and those people have become intelligent readers because they stayed in school and learned. But even some famous and inspirational people didn’t stay in school but they have become whatever they want because of everything they had learnt in school.

The 3 key ideas that I will be talking about are Why we read,Why reading is important and How reading can help us learn.

Reading is such a fun activity to do but why do we read?why do I read?. I read because it will help to get an education for when I get older, also because reading can help me with a lot of things like my writing and get me to where I want to be in the future. Reading can help me be a successful person that I want to be.Other people read to find information about a certain subject.They also read for enjoyment and so that they can take knowledge.

The next key idea that I will be talking about is why reading is important.Why is reading important?Reading is important because it helps young people like myself learn more about a specific thing that we are wanting to know more about. Reading is also important because it will help us become inspirational people and may help us become a good reader.

The last key idea that I will talk about is How reading can help us learn.Reading can help us in many ways it could help us by understanding the text and learning interesting new words that we haven’t learnt about yet.Reading can also help us by giving us knowledge on something that we have read .If reading wasn't invented then people would know less about a particular subject .  

Reading is what people like to do in their own time because they think that it is fun and entertaining for them.Some people do reading to help them achieve their goals so that they can become what they want to be in the future.Not all people like reading because others like doing other subjects like Writing, Art and Maths.Thanks for listening.


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