Friday, 16 September 2016

My narrative story .

Imagine you winning and award for you favourite hobby.

                           WALT write are narrative using Grammar ,Spelling and Punctuation.

One morning I woke up and I was excited and scared.I walked towards the windows to open the curtains.As I began to pull the curtains aside, all I saw was children playing basketball.I hear voices saying “ You have got a basketball game hurry up”.The voices kept on going and going and it wouldn't stop.Suddenly I had just remembered that I had a basketball game at 9:00 am.I looked at the time and it was 20 to 9:00.I quickly put my uniform on and made my way to the stadium.I had 15 minutes to get there before the game had started.I tried my best to get there on time.When I had turned up at the stadium I had checked the time again.The time was 8:55 am.

Paragraph One

I walked in the stadium more scared than I was in the first place.I looked around me and there was over 100 people waiting for the game to start.I looked in front of me and my team was practising before the game started.I looked down the other end of the court and there was another team practising.I walked over to my team and sat down on the seat.I put my head down thinking about what would happen if my team lost the first game the we've ever played. The game was against the Tigers which was my team and the Red Backs which was the team we were playing against.I looked at my team coach and she said “ Hurry up and get over here now”.I nodded my head and I said “No”.Then  the coach said get here or you’re out of the team , so I stood up and I walked to the court with my team.

Paragraph Two

When I got onto the court we had to practise shooting from the 3 pointer line.Half of my team players got it in from 3 pointer and the other half couldn’t.My coach passed the ball to me and told me to stand at the 3 pointer line,I felt shy because I was scared that I was going to miss.I stood up telling myself “I can do this”.My coach told my team to be quiet so I can shoot . I got into position ready to shoot the ball.I throw the ball and it hits the square and it bounces on the rim and falls into the hoop. Suddenly my teams yells out “Yay we knew you could do it”. Suddenly the game started and one of my players sent me into the middle to check the ball with the other team.I checked the ball.When we had checked the we had got given the ball first.

Paragraph Three

I passed the ball to my nearest team mate because the other team was trying to defend the ball.My team player that had the ball and dribbled it until she got to the hoop she took a shot but it missed the hoop.When the ball missed the hoop the other team grabbed the ball and dribbled down to there hoop.They took a shot and the got it in.The score was 0:1.My team was down because they couldnt defend the ball.Suddenly I said to my self that im not going to be scared and im going to do this for my team “.I got given the ball again and I dribbled and I lost controll of the ball.I was happy but upset because I had failed controlling the ball.Suddenly I heard one of my team mates saying” Its alright everyone loses controll”.


I smiled and said that “I'll never give up i'll keep on going”.When I lost control the other team hit the ball out to the out line.I grabbed the ball and throw it into my team player and I ran in to get the ball of her.She passed the ball to me and I dribbled it to the hoop.We only had 10 seconds before the game had ended. I took a shoot from 3 pointer and I got the ball in just before the time ran out.Suddenly the bell rang just after I shot the ball into the hoop .My team just went crazy like a zoo they were yelling out things like “ We did it we won the game”.I looked around me and all of the audience were so proud that we won the game.I looked up at the scoreboard and the score was 3:1.When we had finished the game my coach had announced the player of the game.Happily I was announced the player of the game. Me Kahlicia Mehana was able to get an amazing awarded.I had got given a gold trophy that said “The number 1 player of the game”.I was so proud of myself because I had played for my team.My team and I sat in a group and took a photo of ourselves and our trophy.When I got home I put it some where were people can see it.


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